What are Fine Art School Portraits?
Fine Art School Portraits is a boutique service, offering a modern approach to school photography.  My services are both personal and professional.  Unlike large, corporate photography companies, I only take a few select schools so I can provide superior customer service and artistic images.  My approach is simple and honest.  My goal is to create genuine emotions.  Portraits are taken with natural light and a simple background.  The end result is a beautiful and authentic photo.

Parents: What is my process and what do I offer?
The process is simple, web-based and no obligation to purchase.  Each family will have their own private gallery to view the images.  Parents will find 2-3 lifestyle images of their child in the gallery, and each will be presented in both color and black and white.  Families may choose their own images they want printed directly from their viewing gallery, opposed to having a pose chosen for them.  I also provide boutique products such as canvas gallery wraps and digital images for future printing and archiving. 

Schools: What is my process and what do I offer?
Prior to photo day, a detailed PDF describing all ordering procedures and shooting day preparation will be provided to the school for distribution to families.  I bring all of my own equipment to the school.  I am licensed and insured.  I require nothing more than a window with natural light. The school will be provided digitals of the students to use for yearbooks, websites, or however the school wishes to use the images. Staff photos and print packages are available upon request. I handle all questions from families about ordering.  All prints will be delivered directly to the school. Most importantly, this is a fundraiser for the school. I will donate 10% of net profits to the school.  I like to keep it simple, focusing on the art, and capturing the genuineness of childhood.

How many students can you accommodate? 
While I typically photograph smaller preschool programs, I can accommodate larger schools.  Please contact me for your individual needs.

What is the cost of Fine Art School Portraits?
My pricing is competitive and nothing is due up front, all profit is generated from orders.  Should the parents wish to order digital or print images, you’ll find the rates to be competitive and easy to purchase a-la-carte or as part of a print package.  In addition, I donate 10% of net profits back to the school!  My goal is to capture the child’s personality in an authentic way, while also providing a unique fundraising opportunity. 

What time of year is best?
Anytime, whichever works best for your school. Photo days vary depending on the size of your school.


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