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Have you checked out your top 9 Instagram posts from 2018 yet? Well I did, and I was surprised. Six of the nine posts featured me. Yes, my mugshot. Y’all know I photograph babies and families, right? LOL.

It isn’t always the photo that receives the most likes, it’s the caption. The story behind the photo. This year I made an effort to showcase me more. Share why I do what I do. Who inspires me. It is easier to share your story with a photo of YOU. This is a huge reason I am starting to offer Content Creation sessions for small business owners. Your fans like to see you. Hear what you have to say. And this top 9 represents that to a tee.

I decided to blog my top nine photos and their captions so I can always come back to this year and remember these stories. And remember how much I love ripped jeans, it’s fine. Cheers to 2018! xo, k


hiiiiii. it’s me ☝🏻 my name is Karra. I go to bed early. I work better with a deadline. I swear too much. I rely heavily on dry shampoo. I throw my clothes on the floor instead on in the laundry basket. I bite my nails. I like my coffee black. I’m clumsy AF. I hit the snooze button approximately 42 times in the morning. My car is always a mess. I’m not perfect, but who is? Thanks for being here and following along 🖤 #selfportrait #fridayintroductions

photo by: me, self-portrat


this sign is so special. It’s my grandpa’s handwriting (yes, his actual writing!) My grandpa would say this quote all the time. It was his good-bye off the phone, he wrote it in birthday cards, and it was repeated so many times in the hospital those last months of his life. “You have but one life and it soon will be past - only what’s done for Christ will last”
My grandpa was the best grandpa. He retired around the time my oldest brother was born. I can still hear him woo’ing at the top of the bleachers at our sporting events. Poor guy attended every game (even when he had no idea how tennis was played, lol). He was always there. He called me his “sweetie pie”. He taught us grandkids not to fill up on bread before dinner. Most importantly, he always reminded us to always pray.
Thank you @aliwoodcreations for this sign. You have an incredible gift. I’ll be hanging it right over my grandpa’s old desk that displays a few of his old cameras 🖤

photo by: me, self-portrait


my necklace. I wear it everyday. I wear it for special occasions. I wear it with sweatpants. I like the idea of switching it up sometimes, but I always end up with it around my neck. If I forget to put it on one day, I feel naked.
It’s an engraving of my brothers signature. It’s my way of always keeping him close. When I saw this photo, I was instantly drawn to my necklace. Thank you @elenasblair_photography and @blair_thurston_retreats for these simple headshots that mean so much 🖤

photo by: Elena S. Blair Photography


I’ve started to reflect on 2018 (and more than just figuring out my top 9 photos on the ‘gram) I’ve been reflecting on myself and my growth. A year ago, I didn’t like being in front of the camera. Last weekend, I shoved my big camera in @amanda.adamcheck’s hands and said “my turn!” 😂
Why the shift? I’ve taken care of myself this year. I am eating better. I’m working out again. I outsource things that drive me crazy (yeah lawn maintenance & household cleaning, I see you.) I started paying attention to my mental health. I am putting up boundaries.
Normally I wouldn’t talk about this sort of stuff, but I think it’s important to bring to light. Self-care is important. YOU are important. Your health is important.
I’d love to know one thing (big or small) you’ve done for yourself this year. Seriously, tell me in the comments 🙂 #selfcare

photo by: Amanda Adamcheck, edited by Karra Lynn Photography


Hiiii to my new friends out there 👋🏻 that’s me, Karra. I’m a lifestyle family & newborn photographer. Everyone has a different definition of “lifestyle”. To me, that basically means I enjoy photographing obnoxious laughter over cheesy smiles. I rather your newborn be cuddled in your arms over posed in a wicker basket. I want your kids to be running around rather than forced to sit still. I’m not for everyone, and that’s okay. But if you’re interested in what I offer, I’d love to see you in 2019 ❤️

photo by: my mama, iPhone XS

carsonfamily2018_014 (1).jpg

I had the honor of spending yesterday evening in Kalamazoo with my cousins. When Amber walked into the room with her yellow dress on, Bex looked at her and said in the sweetest voice “you look beautiful momma.” Just about melted my heart 💛 Today I am grateful for family & good weather in November 😂

photo by: Karra Lynn Photography


for a very brief minute I was booking posed newborn sessions (ya know - bean bags and back drops and 80 degree rooms 😳). I quickly realized it wasn't my area of expertise and that's ok! To be honest, I thought I had to pose newborns because that’s what I believed clients wanted. Throughout my journey I’ve learned that you really need to love what you’re doing in order to be successful (and happy!) So now instead of trying to get the baby to sleep in different positions, I now let the baby lead the sessions and take advantage of moments like this 🖤

photo by: Karra Lynn Photography

DSC_2861 (1).jpg

meet Amanda. She is the definition of a boss babe. She has the most adorable boutique, @kilohandco, and she is an amazing business mentor. Her business has evolved as she’s grown and it’s probably my favorite thing about her. She’s not afraid to change and adapt. Lucky for me, she lets me take her photo a lot 😂 She has allowed me try new things and grow as a photographer. Amanda has inspired me to work with allllll the local biz owners. COMING SOON: business photo packages ... so I can capture more entrepreneurs like Amanda. And no, these won’t be your average corporate, stiff headshots 📸 It will be photos of you doing you, having fun, working and hustling 💃🏼 If you’re interested in learning more, join my mailing list specifically for business owners (link in profile) happy Monday friends 🖤

photo by: Karra Lynn Photography


Hi! It’s me, Karra 🙂 For my new friends out there, I want to share a story.
A few years ago I received a “nice camera” for Christmas. I had a desire to take photos for some reason. Maybe it was a way to be creative or a fun hobby to keep me busy. Either way, I never wanted to be a professional photographer. My mom always thought I could take photos of my cousins and make a little extra cash, but I always laughed at the idea.
It wasn’t until a friend asked me to take photos of her one-year-old did my fun hobby turn into something more. I bought a cheap roll of bulletin board paper, a few balloons, and ta-da! We had a first birthday photoshoot set.
I look back on those photos now and am thankful. I had no idea what I was doing but someone trusted me enough to take photos of their kid! I’m thankful for where I was and how far I’ve come.
In the world of the internet it’s hard not to compare yourself to others. Just remember, don’t compare your chapter 1 to their chapter 13.
Swipe to see my chapter 1. Happy Monday 🌟 xo, K #courage2confidence

photo by: Sarah-Beth Photography