Kuhn Family Film - Belle Isle Detroit, MI

When I started building my film portfolio, I reached out to Paige from Oak & Honey Photography and asked if I could make a newborn film for her. PS, she said yes. Once I met Paige, I knew I needed to work with her again. I had an idea so once again I reached out to Paige. I asked her if she was interested in collaborating on a family session - she would take photos and I would produce the film. PS, she said yes.

Paige introduced me to the Kuhn Family. We met on Belle Isle and the rest is history. Here is the film I made from our collab session. Thank you to Paige & the Kuhns for letting me tag along :)

xo, k


Family Film by Karra Lynn Photography
Images by Oak & Honey Photography

Family Film by Karra Lynn Photography

Image by Peppy + Beck Photography
Jackson James Newborn Video - Plymouth, MI

Newborn sessions are my favorite. They take place in your home. You don’t have to pack everybody up (including that brand new beautiful babe!) and get them out the door. You stay put and I come to you, wherever that may be. Newborn sessions are comfortable, relaxed, and easy. Promise. Check out the adorable newborn film and photos from my latest session. Enjoy! xo, K

detroit michigan newborn photographer 0001.jpg
detroit michigan newborn photographer 0002.jpg
detroit michigan newborn photographer 0003.jpg
detroit michigan newborn photographer 0004.jpg
detroit michigan newborn photographer 0006.jpg
detroit michigan newborn photographer 0005.jpg
detroit michigan newborn photographer 0007.jpg
detroit michigan newborn photographer 0008.jpg
detroit michigan newborn photographer 0009.jpg
detroit michigan newborn photographer 0010.jpg
detroit michigan newborn photographer 0011.jpg
detroit michigan newborn photographer 0012.jpg
detroit michigan newborn photographer 0013.jpg
Tallulah's Newborn Film - Detroit, MI

I’m a firm believer in newborn photography. The investment is worth it, I promise. Those first few days, weeks are fuzzy (good-bye sleep, see you never) and your new babe is growing so fast. Photography allows you to remember all those small details you might forget.

Enter newborn videos. Now you can see your newborn moving around, remember all those newborn noises, and hear your children tell their new baby sis “I love you” (seriously, these older sibs were the sweetest things I ever did see. Don’t watch this video without sound!!!) Photos are amazing, but videos might be better. Interested in documenting your newborn with a film? Contact me today. You won’t regret it one bit.

For now, enjoy these amazingly sweet film of Tallulah & her most loving new fam. xo, k

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Make the Most of your Family Film

So you just received your family film on a USB. Now what? What do you do with it? Before anything .. BACK. IT. UP. Grab a free account at Vimeo, YouTube, or Dropbox and upload your film immediately. Download the video to your computer, the cloud, an external hard drive, your husband’s computer, and maybe your neighbors computer (lol, jk kind of). You get the picture, right? BACK IT UP. After downloading the film to every place possible, then put that pretty little USB in a safe place (like a safe!)

Okay, you’ve backed up your family film, now what? One of the most common questions I hear about family films is “what do you do with it?” You don't really have to DO anything with it. Think of them as home movies. Home movies are for reminiscing, enjoying that part of your life again, remembering the details of that specific day. Keep the videos safe so you or your kids can enjoy them in the future. It’s a keepsake. It’s the same with any other kind of movie. If you love it, you buy a copy and watch it whenever you want. Re-watching the film takes you back to that time in your life. And that is priceless.

What is the easiest way to watch and re-watch your family film? Add them to your phone home screen or favorites for easy access! Here are my iPhone directions (sorry to all the other fancy phones out there. I am sure you have a similar option!)

  1. Head straight to your Vimeo (or YouTube or Dropbox) link and click that little box with an upwards arrow.

  2. Scroll over until you find “Add to Home Screen” and click it

  3. Give your film a name!

  4. TA-DA! This will give you an icon on your phone to watch your film whenever and wherever. Pro tip: Add the film to your iPad .. kids love that shit!

xo, k