Hey there!


My name is Karra.
My dog, Mack, is my best bud.
My favorite season is spring (flowers everywhere!)
I'm obsessed with the color navy. 
I never met a bowl of mac & cheese I didn't like.
I'm a part-time cake decorator at Betty's Bakes.
I don't mind staying in bed & binge-watching Law & Order: SVU all day.

I believe family photography matters.  There is value in preserving the moments happening right now.  I began Karra Lynn Photography in 2016 because I finally understood the value of photos. They’re not just digital images, but memories of our loved ones, frozen in time.  My brother, Christopher, passed away in 2014 and in the weeks after his death, I completely immersed myself in the memories within our family photo albums.  I discovered a photo of me and Chris, which not only made my heart explode, but also propelled me into family photography.  Photos like this remind me how important it is to capture family connections.  

In 2018 I discovered family films. Once again, my heart exploded. Home movies .. what’s better? Family films document the small details, the little voices, the moments you’ll remember forever. In 20 years, your family film will be your most prized possession, I promise. Let me tell your family story.